Conversion and Seasoning of Wood

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The Conversion of timber is the process whereby the sawlogs (large, small and thinning) are converted or changed into sawn timber.

Seasoning is the name given to the methods of drying timber
There are two methods by which timber can be dried:
(i) natural drying or air drying, and
(ii) artificial drying.

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Medium-density fiberboard, more commonly known as MDF, is a staple of the mass-manufactured furniture industry. Go into nearly any home furnishings store, and you’ll find loads of furniture that is made of MDF plastered with veneers made to look like real, finely-grained wood.

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Cool charger.

This looks like a good device  for charging your phone. If you have one or something similar post a comment and let me know what you think of it.image

Amplifier MP3 dock


The electronic circuit for the new Mp3 Docking Station.  More information can be found if you click onto the year 10 tab.

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1: Seasoning
2: Folder Manufacture
3: Coat Hook
4: Health and Safety


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