Why study GCSE Construction?
GCSE Construction provides pupils the opportunity to learn about different careers within the Construction industry and also provides a useful insight into the planning, the materials, and the construction techniques of buildings looking at all aspects of the building from the foundations up to the roof structures. A major part of the course requires pupils to learn and use Autocad Architectural software to draw a range of building plans. Pupils will also develop practical craft skills and will design and manufacture their own craft project.

The aims of this course are to enable students to:
• develop the knowledge, understanding and skills, both technical and generic, which are associated with work in the Construction industry;
• begin to develop and apply the practical craft skills used in the Construction industry;
• explore in detail the careers of some of the many occupations within the Construction
• research the materials used in construction of domestic and commercial buildings;
• produce designs for some of the components used in the construction of buildings.

How is the GCSE course assessed?


Unit 1:
Employment in the Construction Industry (Year11) 35%
Employment Research Portfolio – 5%
Craft Project Portfolio- 5%
Craft Project- 25%

Unit 3
Computer Aided Drawing (Year12) 40%
Pupils will use Autocad to draw technical drawings of foundations, sills, windows and doors. They will also draw up and amend house building plans.

External Examination

Unit 2:
Construction Technology 25%
(1 hour examination paper, single tier of entry)
Pupils are provided with pre-release exam information.

What can I do with GCSE Construction?
Pupils who study Construction can go on to study National Diplomas and NVQs’ in Civil Engineering, Construction, Quantity Surveying, Architecture, Computer Aided Design or a skilled trade apprenticeship as a mechanical, electrical or craft technician.


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