3rd Year

Snooker playing robot

Health and safety


Engineering Topics

Mp3 Docking Station

Mobile Phone holder


Electronic timer

Nut cracker

Steady Hand Game

Computer Control





27 Responses

  1. This is good, you should leave a link from here to the Clounagh Website and vis. versa.

    Many thanks for helping me with my tough revision regime! =D

  2. This site is very hepful for exams!!! =]

  3. This site was very good to learn from.

  4. the best thing on this website is: on 3rd year in health and safety it just makes you relise how dangerous everything can be. and all safety percusions just think if i didn’t know those things i could die!!

  5. you should put some stuff on about gears ect to help with the studying

  6. Check under the mobile phone holder section, or type ‘gears’ into the search engine. Thanks for the comment.

  7. this website is class. . an its verii easy 2 understand. . .!!

  8. brill site. loads of great stuff.

    PS: On revision sheet could you go into more depth. It is quite broad and hard to find out what to look for.

  9. great website,

  10. Todd: Thanks for the comment. This is just a new site and is still in the process of being built. Revision sheets was something I had not thought of putting on. Thanks for the comment and hope you found all the information needed. CTD

  11. greatttttt website


  12. hi i love this website

  13. This website is awesomly awesome and it is awesome

  14. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH i love it its very nicely presented

  15. it is good

  16. Thank-u 4 helping me wid mi technology! it has really helped wen doin h/works

  17. l like this site its really good for revision!

  18. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee good website :D:D:D:D:D:D

  19. This is sooo good! mmmmmmmmmm. I really needed that valuable info for my tough studies at home for my GCSEs. Waffles rock!

  20. wel hello der ppl lol:D


    wbs x0x0x0x0x

  21. Hi technology teachers!

    Well, i’m going to miss TD now that i’ve left and am going to the college!

    TD was one of my fav subjects, this website also helped me through revision time!

    TD rules Mr Johnston! lol ( u wrote that in my book!)

    Chloe =D

    ** 10IR 2007/2008 **

  22. Dis site is awesome.We learn alot frm it and it helps us revise. ever since we found out bout it and started readin it we been doin better ever since

  23. Hey:D
    Dis site is quite the good lak!

  24. doesnt matter – found it ๐Ÿ˜€

    good website! ๐Ÿ˜€

    there shld b a website lyk this 4 all the subjects – not just technology and maths!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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