Making the Housing – Marking Out

In order to make you housing for the dock you first need to know the materials it is to be made from and how the mark it out.

The majority of the housing is made from Norway Spruce, this is a softwood and is easily cut and shaped. The marking out is broken into two sections,

1: The main Body, and,

2: The sides.

The Main Body

The marking out is completed by using a TRY SQUARE to measure the lines across the wood and the measurements are shown in the diagram. The marks on the wood show the location of holes to be drilled. Main Body 12mm holes are drilled for jewel rods to be placed and these are to hold the Mp3 player when it is playing music.  The other hole is a 50mm hole drilled with a Forstner Bit.Make sure when you are drilling this hole the material is held very tight in the vice.  When the three holes have been drilled the top needs to be marked out to give it an interesting shape.

Marking out the top.



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