Laminating the wood

Liminating the wood: Main body

In this section the three blocks of wood have been cut to 75mm square. There are two different types of wood used in this project, mahogany and ash. It is important to know which way the grain is going, as the grain on the middle block has to be at right angles to the two outside blocks. This is to give the completed project extra strength to stop it twisting.

There is a thin layer of glue added to the surfaces of Β the wood and it is spread out evenly, making sure that all ares are covered. This is then clamped into the vice and the glue is allowed to dry, the gluing time depends on the brand of PVA glue being used , but most of the say the 24 hours is needed before any work should be done on the wood.

Liminating the wood: Top

In this section there are different layers of wood glued together to give an effective design which will be appealing to the eye. In these two examples the wood has been shaped end smoothed off to give a high quality finish which is enhanced with a number of layers of varnish.

In order to get to this stage the layers of wood need to be glued and clamped into the vice in the same way as the main part.

Laminating wood is the process where 3 or more layers of wood are joined together to give strength and decoration. These pictures give both these features, the seat and the motorbike are made from plywood


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  1. Can’t read the paragraph on Laminating because the motorbike is on top of it!

  2. Check the format on your computer as there is no porblem at the admin end. CTD

  3. Eh, how do you do that? and my homework is for tuesday, and im just a wee bit stuck, and i cant read that last bit.!

  4. Hopefully this is sorted now. Thanks for the comment. CTD

  5. what is the purpose of laminating a project?

    XX wb XX


  6. Decoration and to allow wood to be formed into curves. CTD

  7. kk Thanks !! XX


  8. There is a thin leyer of glue added to the surfaces

    it says leyer but is it not ament to b layer?

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  9. good suff πŸ˜‰

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