Threaded bar

When the thread has been cut in the wood a metal threaded bar is cut to 90mm in length is needed. The ends of the bar will be sharp and the extra metal needs to be taken off, this is done with a file secured in the vice and the metal is drawn along its length to remove the extra metal. This bar is then threaded into the wood and forms part of the force which will crack the nuts. The top of both ends of the metal bar are filled.
When this is finished the bar is threaded into the wood to make sure it is a tight fit. Notice how straight the metal bar is going into the hole. On this there is a small piece of wood a different colour put in as design, this is done with a plug cutter, where a small circular piece of wood is cut out. At the top of the large hole ther is a smaller hole and this is used to screw in the plastic window, this window will keep the nuts in place when they have beed cracked.

This threaded bar is the screwed into the top, which is also made from laminating different colours of wood. The top is shapped and drill prior to inserting the threaded bar, the two pieces are glued tofether to give extra strength.


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