1st Year


Project Folder

Coak Hook/Picture Holder

Computer Control

Mositure Tester

Health and Safety

Tin Opener/Lever

Plastic dish

Solid works


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  1. This is really good with helping me with my revision! I needed something to help me revise and was struggling when I started in December but now I’m flying high!

  2. This site has really helped me with homeworks!! Thank-You

  3. This will realy help with revision

  4. This site is brilllllliAnT it is helping us alot for revising for our summer exams !!!! tank you

  5. i love this website

  6. i love dis page

  7. this website is soooo good 4 exams thx 4 tellin me bout this mr johnston! c ya

  8. this website is da best!!!!

  9. This website rocks it sooo cooooooooooooooooolllllllllllll!!!

  10. this site is really helping with my revision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This website really helps with revision and everything we need to know is here! Thanks!

  12. This website is da best for revison it helps alot for exams Thanz

  13. Do you need to know about seasoning timber for the exam???

  14. If you covered it class you need to know about it. CTD

  15. What was the thing called after u took the piece of plastic out of the line bender and placed it somewhere and then bent it ROUND????

  16. It is called a jig. CTD

  17. dis site is reli good but do we have to no all of it for the exams

  18. do ya just need to know the safety rules on the electronic on the soldering bit or wa????

  19. can u put somwthing up about the file we made at the start of the year cuz i cnt remeber how we made it 😛

  20. Only what you covered in class.

  21. All safety in the manufacturing rooms.

  22. this site has DEFO helped me with my exa, revision! At da strt ii didnt knw wer 2 begin bt nw ii am clear on it al!

  23. dis is da best for homework n it is amaz for 1st years will done teachers for doing this web site it really helps 🙂 🙂

  24. v e r y h e l p f u ls i t e! fanx!

  25. Hi, I’m new to clounagh just there on the 29th of august 08. The website is class and cant wait to get goin!! Technology looks gd! The website is very helpful!

  26. hii! i really love clounagh, and i have only been there for 2 days!

  27. This school TOTALLY rockz!!!
    it my first year i luv it!!!!

  28. this is great it helped me alot

  29. hey this is totally awesome :O i can not belive how cool it is, i love clounagh its like totally awesome thanks for this class site i love it! peace out

  30. i absolutily luv clounagh and the technology website.
    it also helped me wit my exams thanks

  31. Im in second year now and I luv clounagh

  32. im in second yr now and i love clounagh and the teachers are the best ya could ever get. the trinket box is BRILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. i lv clounagh and the teachers r FAB

  34. in 2nd yr now and i luv da box project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  36. I have found this website really helpful for revision for my summer exams! Thanks! XD

  37. i love technology

  38. gr8 for revision lol 🙂

  39. This is good because it helped me with my revision…USE IT!!!! 🙂

  40. This website is excellent to help me with tests and exams that I might have during the year. It will also help me to know more about technology!

  41. This is the best website , for technology revision 😛 and homework 😛

  42. And no I didn’t fail my exam my mistake

  43. very useful for exams

  44. I love this site best site ever for revision 🙂

  45. Hi my technology exam is tomorrow. hope of of this revision has paid off !!! ; -(

  46. Revising hard!!

  47. This is really good for revision!!

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