Line Bender

Before the line bending begins the plastic need to be shaped, the edges need to be smoothed off and polished on the buff/polishing machine. If the plastic is not finished to a high standard at this stage the complete project will not look well and some marks will be lost – SO MAKE SURE YOU GIVE THIS SECTION YOUR BEST ATTEMPT.

Stage 1: Marking Out

Marking outIn this stage the plastic needs to be marked out. This needs to be done accurately as this will determine how good the finished project will look, if mistakes are made at this stage then the completed project will not achieve as high a mark as it should. You would mark onto the plastic using a pen. In order to help you to mark out the plastic a templet has been made with the correct location of the holes to be drilled and the curves at both ends.

When the location of the holes are marked, they need to be drilled. There is a jig set up in the drilling machine to assist you with this procedure. If you look at the picture you will see that the plastic can move from side to side within the two wooden blocks. At one side of the blocks the first hole is drilled and then it is moved to the other block and the second hole is drilled. Always make sure that the plastic is securely held in position.

Stage 2: Shaping the plastic

In this stage the the two ends are rounded, they are marked out using the templet and then the jig on the linisher/sander is used. The jig is located onto the table of the linisher with a piece of wood in the slot of the machine. On the top of the jig there is a moving piece and two location pins at each side of the jig. There is a slot in the moving piece and the plastic is located into this and the rotated as far as the pins, this is done both on both sides. This gives the correct curve on the plastic. When this is done the edges of the plastic need to be finished and polished using the polishing machine, and then you are ready to bend, this is done using the line bender.

Stage 3: Bending the plastic

Line benderA maximum of 8 pieces of plastic are placed onto the line bender. The plastic is pushed up to the hot metal wire making sure that no part of your body touches the wire. The plastic is left there to allow it to heat up. There are two bends to be done at this stage, to locate the first bend you need to slide the plastic up to the lines marked on the wood, if the holes do not line up with the lines then the plastic is in the wrong way round.

Stage 4: Using the jigs

6 minutes on the clockThe timer is set for 6 minutes, this allow the plastic to become soft and ready to bend. If the time is less than 6 minutes then the plastic will not bend and will snap, if the time is greater than 6 minutes the plastic will start to burn. The jig is used to bend the plastic, because the plastic has been heated for a long time and it takes a long time to cool down. A wooden peg is put into a hole on the jig and the plastic is bent around it, it is left to cool down for 5 minutes. If the peg is released too soon the plastic could spring open again and give the wrong shape. This procedure is repeated for the second bend.

Using the line bender


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  1. How many degrees is the line bender keept at?

  2. About 200 degrees.

  3. what do u call the machine used to bend the plastic

  4. It is called a line bender. CTD

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