Smoothing plane

PlaneA smoothing plane is a type of bench plane used in woodworking. The smoothing plane is typically the last plane used on a wood surface – when used properly; the finish it gives will be far superior to that made by sandpaper or scrapers. The smooth finish is the result of planning the wood off in strips, rather than by successive buffing and scratching. This tool was used in your project to form a chamfer/bevel onto the wooden part. A chamfer is the slope you created on the wood. Plane bladeThe smoothing plane is typically between 250mm – 300mm long, has a tight mouth and is held with both hands. The iron of the smoothing plane is generally sharpened straight across or with a slightly arched cutting edge (or at least with rounded corners) to prevent unsightly grooves from being gouged in the wood surface as it is planed.

Always put the plane sideways on the deskUsing the plane

When you are using the plane make sure the block of wood is fixed in the vice. When planning with the grain you can push the plane the full length of the wood, but when planning against the grain you need to go half way from each side or put a piece of wood at the end to stop the wood from splitting.
In the picture holder/coat hanger the plan is used to create a chamfer and should look like the picture opposite, note the shape edge of the corner and the quality of the finish on the wood.

It is a good idea to use some sandpaper around a cork block after you have finished with the plane, this will give the wood a final finish prior to varnishing. If the plane is sharp and is used properly only a minimum amount of sandpapering is needed.


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