Polishing machine

picture-024.jpgpicture-025.jpgMetal and plastic polishing, also termed buffing, is the process of smoothing materials and polishing to a bright, smooth mirror-like finish. Polishing is often used to enhance cars, motorbikes, antiques, etc. Many medical instruments are also polished to prevent contamination in marks in the metals. In this project the buff is used to polish the plastic before it is bent on the line bender.

The mop to the left is used to put the polish onto the plastic and other one is used to take it off again and give it a final shine. This is a similar process to polishing your shoes, the polish goes on with one brush and polished off with the other.

Buffing is a material finishing operation where articles are polished using abrasives or mops. Buffing is not going to give you the best finish unless the required preparation is done onto the plastic.

The plastic first needs to be filed, then sandpaper of different grades is used, and finally wet and dry emery is used. All this needs to be done before your plastic goes any where near the polishing machine. Note the position of the palstic on the moving polishing mop, at all times the plastic must not be raised above the centre of the mop, if this happens then the plastic will be pulled away and could break. The polishing maching does work wonders in that it will not polish the plastic to the hight quality finish shown in the picture without the preparation work of file, sandpaper and wet and dry emery. The piece opposite has had the top quality preparation to make it look good.

Using the polishing machine


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