Screws and screwdrivers


Click Image to enlargepicture-030.jpgThese screws can be used for general woodworking for example fitting hinges to doors. Because the screw is countersunk it can be tightened ‘flush’ to the surface of the material. A countersunk rose was used to create a large space at the top of the wood only. This space allows the screws to fit flush to the surface.countersunk screws

Coat HookCountersunk and black Japanned screws in place. Japanned screws are coated with a heavy black lacquer, almost like enamel paint. There are two different screwdrivers used in the assembly of this project, a slot screwdriver is used to put in the Jappaned screws and a star head is used to put in the countersink screws.


11 Responses

  1. is it countersink or countersunk?:S

  2. In can be either depending on the setence it is being used in. CTD

  3. How does countersink &countersunk depend on the sentence? wat do u mean? it there a different meaning for both of the words

  4. Same meaning different tense. CTD

  5. dis website really helps me wif ma revision

  6. do we need to know that for the exam..?

  7. You used these in class for the coat hook.

  8. again gud site!!

  9. no edie, its countersunk because it says “countersunk ROSE WAS etc” they are all past tense. juz sayin….

  10. HELP!!!
    i really dont have a clue about technology!!
    this site helped a little!

  11. This really helped me with revision in Room 11!

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