Computer Control

In this project there was a number pieces of equipment used.

The program used to write the control commands is PIC Logicator 1.6. Logicator is the natural visual design medium for creating, testing and modifying measurement and control systems. Systems are created as flowcharts by dragging commands onto the screen and drawing routes between them.

Powerpoint on computer control


  • The control box – This a box is an interface between the computer and what is being controlled. One of the main reasons for this box is to allow an increase of power so that external devices can be powerer. The output voltage from the computer is very small and is not high enough to drive these external devices, the control box used in school has an output voltage of 12 volts which gives enough power.
  • The computer – This is the main source of inputting the information. The program allow the used to see what the program will do on the screen. To launch the program you go to START – ALL PROGRAMS – TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN – PIC LOGICATOR 1.6. This will open the screen to allow you to write the program
  • display.jpgThe 7 Segment display – This is a device which is widley used in computers, clocke, watches, DVD player etc. It is the number output of all these devices. When the program is written the display will count from 0 – 9. During the writing of the program for each of these devices it is necessary to switch on the necessary lights on the screen, this is done by changing the “0” to a “1”. 0 = off and 1 = on.
  • tree.jpg

  • The christms tree – This device simulates the flashing of lights on a christmas tree, when the progran is written the lights should flash in a certain order. The first sequence is to flash the lights going from the bottom to the top, the second sequence is to flash the lights going from the top to the bottom and back up again. Between each set of lights coming on there should be a 1 second delay. In the last program this 1 second delay is removed and the lights flash very quickle.
  • house.jpg The house – Nowadays it is essential to protech you home and this device allow you to understand the need to do so. The house has a number of rooms and the program controls the lights and their switching on and off to give the impression that there is someone in the house.

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