Assembly of parts

Putting the parts together – PCB

When all the components have been soldered
onto the circuit board it needs to be tested. In order to do this you
need a 9V battery, which is plugged into the battery clip, nothing
should happed at this stage, it is only when the front of the board is
touched and is wet or moist that the indicating LED comes on.

gerbil is used to cut a slot into the housing so you can insert the
circuit through and allow it be able to stick into the soil and monitor
the moisture. Note the position of the slot to be cut, it is different
in each of the three designs.

In order to adjust the height of the cutting blade there is a handle
which is turned to give the required height. Inset the PCB into the
slot to make sure that it is the correct size and not too big. It is
better to cut the slot smaller than you need and then gradually make it
bigger to make sure the PCB is a tight fit.

Putting the parts together – LED

LED needs to be seen as the indicator by which you can tell if the
plant needs water or not. There is a hole drilled somewhere on the
housing, into this hole a bezel (a holder for the LED) is connected and
the LED is placed and should not move. A reamer
is a tool which is tapered and has a cutting edge along its ful length,
be very careful when using this tool not to put too much pressure onto
the plastic, if this happens then the plastic will be marked

When you fit the LED holder into place and it loose, you will need to glue it. This is done with the hot glue gun. The glue is put on the inside where it will not be seen, make sure you use very little glue and REMEMBER that it is very hot.

When the circuit board is in place there needs to be a small amount
of glue put on the inside to stop it moving, use the hot glue gun to do
this, be careful not to touch the plastic wires or you will melt them.

All that needs to be done to finish the project is to put the base on and screw it together. When this is done the project is ready to be tested.


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