Project Folder

In this section the procedures for making the folder is explained.

Using the jig: A jig is a name given to a piece of equipment which has been made to help complete a procedure. In this case the jig is a piece of wood with wooden strips to help you lay out the wood in order to apply the tape. Onto this jig the two pieces of hardboard are placed with the white side face down. At this stage you will need someone to help you hold the hardboard in position and not allow it to move.

Putting on the tape: When using the tape be careful it does not get twisted, if this happens the best thing to do is to start again. It is a good idea at this stage to get someone to help you hold the jig and the tape. The tape is stuck to the top of the jig and it is pulled the full length of the wood, it is cut with scissors and then it is fully stuck to one side if the hardboard.  Make sure that the tape is parallel with the sides.

When one side has been completed carefully turn the hardboard and the tape over so that the white side is facing up. The procedure is repeated on this side.

Drilling the holes: In order to secure the pages in the folder it needs to be tied at one side, so that the folder can be opened and closed.  Firstly you need to drill a hole in the wood on both sides; this is done using a pedestal drill located in the room. Another jig is used to locate the correct position of the holes to be drilled. The safety equipment needed to complete this procedure are goggles, safety glasses or a face mask. Only one person is to use this drill at any one time, no one ese is to be inside the tiled area when the drilling is taking place.
The drill has been set up so when you have drilled all the way through the hardboard the handle will not move down any further.

Fixing it together: This is now your design it is up to you to get a coloured lace, pieces of string or anything else colourful in order to tie the two sides of the board together and to keep all the booklets and sheets in place.

Design for the front: All good products need a logo, take for example McDonalds the letter M written in a certain way and colour is instantly recognisable as a fast food outlet.

At this stage you need to design a logo for the front of your folder to make it recognisable as yours.

What images come to mind when you see the logo to the right? Click here to find common logos and methods of creating them.


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