Designing the dish

In the making of this project there are number of procedures to be completed.

Designing the dish:

In this stage design sheets were given for homework and a possible design was created.
Design Sheets

This design was then transfered to a piece of card and the design was made and a model/mock-up. The model design was then tried out to give some idea what it might look like when full completed.

In order to try out the model a jig was used. The jig was made from a ‘G’ clamp which was then put into the vive and a centre piece was pressed into the card. This will only give a rough idea of the final design as the card will fold differently to the plastic, but it will give some idea as to the final outcome.


6 Responses

  1. i liked the wee hearts they were class and they made my dish really nice :*

  2. the plastic dish was so easy i hope i could make another one next year

  3. This technology website is very helpful.

  4. I hope I can make another

  5. The dish is class and i really enjoyed making it

  6. The dish is class and i enjoyed making it

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