Bending the metal

Bending the metal – in order to do this a metalcraft jig was used.

The material used in this project is low carbon mild steel.

Pull the leverMetal craft jig.A jig was used to bend the metal. It is necessary you have the metal at the correct thickness, this was done by filing, if this filing is no done the metal will be too difficult to bend. The jig was secured into the vice and the metal put into the slot on the jig. A lever was placed over the top and it was pulled round until the required bent was made, there was a mark on the jig to indicate where you stop

Completed bendWhen this stage is complete the metal has to be dip coated into plastic powder. This will give the project a final protection from rusting.


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  1. there should be pictures of the finished tin opener/lever. it would help with the broshure

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