Drilling holes in metal

Drilling hole in metal

Centre punchBefore you use the drill to drill into the metal a small dent is placed into the metal, this is done with a centre punch. The location of this hole is marked and the punch is placed into this location and the punch is hit ONCE with the hammer to make a small dent. This dent in the metal will allow the drill bit to be located and the hole should be drillen in the correct place. If the dent was not there then the drill bit will slide over the metal and you might not drill the hole in the correct position, there is also the possibility that the dril bit will snap.
Guard in place before drillingOnce the centre punch mark has been made in the metal then you need to set it up in a machine vice on the drilling machine.

The machine vice is fixed to the table of the drill and the metal is placed and securely fixed so it will not move. At this stage if the location of the punch is not correct, you need to tell the teacher and it will be adjusted.

The finished holeDrillingThe guard is put into place and the drill is turned on and the metal is drilled slowly. You need to wear goggles to protect your eyes. The drill should be set at a cetain depth so you do not drill into the machine vice.

The metal filings left after the hole has been drilled need to be removed from the drill, this is done with a brush to stop you getting your fingers cut on the sharp metal bits. On the metal there will also be small bits of metal still remaining, these are also very sharp and need to be removed with a file.

The finished hole drilled. Notice the marks still remain from the marking out of the metal.

The final finish for the metal before dip coating is to use emery paper this is a type of paper that can be used for sanding down hard and rough surfaces. It can also be used for resistant technology purposes to give a smooth, shiny finish to manufactured products and is often used in the finishing of high-end watch movements. Similar to sandpaper, it is made by gluing small particles of the mineral emery to paper.


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