Examples of levers

lever1.giflever2.gifLevers are used to lift heavy weights with the least amount of effort. In the example opposite, the heavy weight on the left hand side is been lifted by the person because of the lever. The longer the ‘rod’ the easier it is to lift the weight. Under normal circumstances the person would not be able to lift the weight at all. The fulcrum is the place where the rod pivots (or rotates).

The load is the scientific name for the weight. The effort is quite simply the amount of effort used to push down on the rod in order to move the weight.

There are three classes of levers: Powerpoint on levers

clss1.gifclss1a-1.gifClass 1:

In this class of lever the load is being lifted and the fulcrum in in the middle and the effort is at the opposite end to the load. An example of this is a lifting trolley similar to the one the caretaker uses to transport boxes around school.

clss2a.gifclss2.gifClass 2:

In this class of lever the load is in the middle of the lever and the fulcrum is at one end the the opposite end is the effort. An example of this is a wheelbarrow which would be used in the garden.

clss3.gifclss3a.gifClass 3:

In this class of lever the load is at one end pulling down, the fulcrum is at the opposite end and the effort is in the middle. This is the same as someone trying to pull in a fish with a fishing rod.

Lever interactive boardIn the technology corridor there are a number of interactive boards showing different aspects of technology, this photograph shows the information displayed about levers. Take a closer look next time you are in the corridor. Other examples of levers.

Check out Flying pig for animations.

Other examples of mechanisms including levers click here.

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