2nd Year

Health and safety

Computer Control

Steady Hand Game

Electronic Timer

Box Design

Coat Hanger

L.E.D. Light


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  1. Thank-you for all your help!!!!

  2. hey can u please put the success criterias up der please?

  3. Hi there Clounagh, are there any specific projects you would like the criteria for?
    I am in the process of putting as much information onto this site to enable pupil the opportunity to revise for the summer exams . Success criteria will be added as soon as the project information is added. CTD

  4. heloooo 🙂
    thee site is cumin along quite thee well …..keep it up mr montgomery…and all thee other staff hu r involved ..

  5. This web-site is prettttttttttyyyyyyy kwl 🙂 lak lovin it.

  6. hey duudes..

    this website is kewlioo..

    kno wat i mean jellybean..


  7. yayyayyayyayyayyay i think this website is WELL COOL

    KP 9BY neeeew-briiidge

  8. were are the seasoning timber pages or something!!!!!!! =] lol [= xxx

  9. Type seasoning into the search and you will find it. CTD

  10. Y dont 2nd years do pneumatics.
    Pease tell!!!!:):(:):(:):(:):(:):(

  11. It will be coveren more next year. CTD

  12. Where is the meaning of PCB? i think i have went blind because i can’t seem to find it!:S 😦 🙂

  13. Printed Circuit Board.

  14. Thank-you!:) By the Way.. Thee Website Rocks!:)

  15. the site is alright butit could do with a quiz or something

  16. Thanks 4 all da help for the exams!!!

  17. A quiz is a great idea Daniel, Love Abbie Bell…
    I could revise everyday… 😀

  18. Just wondering, but why is there cars, at the top which have nothing to do with tech….??? Confused

  19. Wishful thinking by the 3 technology teachers.

  20. this has brillant information!!!!!!

  21. It helped mee for mii exam.. dnt knw wht i would have done without it.. but im scared about mii result!:S 😦 🙂

  22. This is a cool website but needs some games and stuff 😀 😀 😀

  23. There wil be no games put onto this site.

  24. This website rocks:D


  26. this website is so cool way to go…emma&natalie BMFL! No1 else…..cool site helped meh revisie:)

  27. Yas shud av a quiz or sumtin coooool please %)

  28. Luv da website! For once Daniel is rite this site needs a quiz

  29. Quiz = a gr8t idea bt wat do i care any more cause exams r ova 4 eve…….until nxt tym XxX thamks 4 da help 61% al da wat

  30. this helped me with ma omewrk thanks!!..!!..!!

  31. Pleaz can we hav more on da mitre saw pleaz 4 da box construction???!!!
    More pics as well too
    Tanks Clounagh roxs

  32. Becky: Click on the links within the pages and there is more information.

  33. We all agree dat da technology site is gr8. A quiz wud b nice but dis is still good

  34. This website is reali gud 4 revisin 4 exams!! Alot of helpful info on it!! Thanks!!

  35. This website is gud 4 revisin 4 exams!! Alot of helpful info on it!! Thanks!!

  36. Dis wbste is klazz nd amazing 4 revison thnks

  37. This website is quite da shizzle..! Great info 4 revision..:)

  38. dis website was good for revision THANKS! (:

  39. dis website is really gd 4 revision !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  40. This website is soo good for revising! Thanks so much for putting it up! 🙂

  41. This site is cool

  42. dis site is gr8 for everyone

  43. this is useful……

  44. this is cool:)

  45. How doo yaah find stuff on The Mitre Saw???
    :S confused.com

  46. Dis web page is soooooooo good

  47. this really helped with ma revisin!! Thanks!!!

  48. this helped me with loads of reviion

  49. Thanks 4 this 🙂 it really helps with revsion 🙂

  50. this is so good 4 doing homework quickly

  51. good about simple machines

  52. technology exam tomorrow ahhhh 😮


  54. Helloooooo, could you maybe put something on about butt joints for when we made our boxes as it was hard to find info on Google 😜👍

  55. Make the website more accessible on different devices

    • It works on all platforms. Please give more details about the problem you are having.

    • This site is available on all platforms. If you can’t find it go to the Clounagh Home page and there is a link to this site.

  56. this website helped me revise for exams 😀

  57. thanks for the help

  58. Very very helpful

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