Box Manufacture

When making this project you followed a number of steps:

  • Making the frame
  • Finishing the box
  • Fixing the lid
  • Design for the top
  • Handle design
  • Completed projects

    Examples of completed projects.

    All these pages have information about the procedured and can help you in your revision for your exams.

    The wood used in the making of this project is Norway Spruce.

    Norway Spruce The grain in the wood is very open and indicated that the tree has grown quickle
    Size: Can grow to 38 metres tall.
    Distribution: Found throughout the UK.Flowering months:
    MaySpecial features:Norway Spruce trees grew here before the ice age, but were killed off by the cold.
    They were reintroduced to the UK in around 1500. It thrives in damp areas.
    They are perhaps best known as the traditional ‘Christmas tree’.The old German custom of decorating Spruce trees was made fashionable in the UK by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria after they decorated trees at Windsor Castle in the 1840’s.Their conical shape with drooping lower branches, and upward pointing high branches made them ideal for decorating with lights, tinsel and gifts.The Norway Spruce is grown throughout northern and central Europe for its timber, which is known as ‘deal’ or ‘white wood’.
    Spruce timber is flexible and durable. Its relative lightness, long length and straightness make it ideal for telegraph poles, wooden ladders, oars, roofing timbers and paper pulp. Turpentine is also extracted from the stem.The male flowers, which are grouped together at the tips of branches, turn yellow when they release their pollen. The female flowers are pink at first. Initially they stand upright, but after pollination they turn green and hang downwards. The cones which develop can grow to 20cms long.When the tree is cut down it is full of moisture which needs to be removed.

    The process of removing moisture is called Seasoning


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  8. Matthew if you click on the link “a few different design” you will see a selection of completed projects and this should gie you a better idea of what is being make. You can also click onto the picture to start the images playing within the site. Thanks for the comment. CTD.

  9. dis websites klass but u nd mre pics on it of FB’s box desighn {: =]

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  12. Have a look at stage 3 in the section “making the frame” and you will fine the information you are looking for. CTD

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