Finishing the box

There are three stages in the finishing of the box:

Stage 1: Using the plane

PlaneIn this stage by using a plane you will achieve a high quality finish and very little sandpaper is needed prior to varnishing. The plane is only used on the long sides of the box as this is going with the grain. To finish the short sides you need to use the plane against the grain and this is much more difficult.

Stage 2: Using the linisher


In this picture the person is using the sander/linisher to finish the short sides of the box. The marks made by this machine need to be removed with the different grades of sandpaper before giving a final finish on the wood.
Be very careful that you do not take too much off the box or you will make the sides too thin and the holes you have drilled as location pins will be exposed.

Stage 3: Varnishing/Waxing

When the box has been completely smothed off then the appropriate varnish/finish needs to be applied. In this project a water based varnish is used, this is used as it is quick drying and a second coat can be put onto the wood after 1 hour. The varnish needs to be sanded off in between each coat of varnish. When the required number of coats of varnish have been applied, a hard furniture wax is put on. This is put on using wire wool and is rubbed well into the wood, a clean cloth is used to give the wood a shine after waxing.

The waxing was done my rubbing soft furniture into the wood with wire wool, this would allow the first coat of wax to be put onto the box. The next stage of waxing was to use the Carnauba wax on the polishing maching. This is sometimes called the “Queen of Wax,” carnauba wax has a much harder melting point than other waxes, and is also extremely hard. This makes it ideal for creating extremely strong coatings for floors, automobiles, and other things which see hard wear.

A temperature of 172 degrees Fahrenheit (78 degrees Celsius) is required to melt carnauba wax. It is also not readily soluble. Water cannot break down a layer of carnauba wax, and only certain solvents can, usually in combination with heat. This means that carnauba wax is highly durable. Used plain, it can make something waterproof and wear resistant. Combined with things such as tints and dyes, carnauba wax can be used to create an enduring colored polish.


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