Making the frame

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Mitre sawMitre saw 2Prior to joining the wood to make the frame it needs to be cut to length. The cutting proces was done using a mitre saw. This saw was secured on the bench with a ‘G’ clamp and the correct distance was measured. The mitre saw is designed to cut at right angles as the blade is secured inside a frame and can’t move sideways. The wood is placed in the saw and held tight in position and the blade is moved back and forward until the wood is cut. This procedure was completed 4 times until each piece was cut.

Video on using a Mitre Saw

Stage 1

clamp.jpgjoining-box.jpgTo start this project you need four pieces of wood and they needs to be glued up in the vice. You apply a very small amount of glue to each of the short sides and then join them together. At this stage they will not stick, if you are not careful the joints will fall apart. You then need to place the wood into the vice for at least 30 minutes. After this period of time you should be able to work with the wood very carefully. A further 24 hours is need for the glue to fully harden.

Stage 2

drilling-for-pins.jpgWhen the wood has been removed from the vice you need to smooth it off to enable the top and bottom to be fixed in place. If this is not done then there will be a space between the top and the sides and it will not look correct and loose your marks.
When you are happy with the sanding process you need to drill holes into each corner. The drill is set up with the jig, this will allow you to drill the holes in the correct position. It is ESSENTIAL that you clean any pieces of waste material from around the drill or you will drill the holes in the wrong position. The reason for these holes in the box is that when the lid is cut off they will appear and you can use dowel rods as location pins.

Stage 3

dsc01411.jpgdsc01413.jpgAt this stage in the manufacture you need to glue the lid onto the sides. Once the sides have been leveled and there is no part sticking up the top and bottom need to be glued with PVA glue. An even amount of glue is spread over the surface and the top and bottom are put into position and the clamped into the vice. The base is made from MDF and the top is the same material as the sides Norway spruce

When the glue is applied the box needs to be put into the vice to allow it to harden. The glue we use in school is called titebond. This is a glue which can help any woodworker achieve professional-looking results. It is ideal for wood, hardboard, particleboard, leather, cloth and most other porous materials. Titebond Original is easy to use, non-toxic and cleans up with water.

When the box is fixed into the vice and it is shut tight, some glue will seep out, it is essential that this is removed as it will stain the wood.

The next stage is to cut the lid off and fix the location pins.


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