Coat Hanger

Making the arms

Making the body

Making the hook

The Mechanism

Examples of pulleys

Examples of linkages


19 Responses

  1. we are making the coat hook!

    its hard!

  2. Hey Technology crew! Yup Mr Montgomery, this was helpful! Thanks for putting it up!

    Oh and by the way, this project is fun! =]

  3. I reli like doin dis in skool:)

  4. Hey! This website really helps with revising! This project is so fun to do! :D:D

  5. This project hard to do but is fun

  6. Hi dis website is reli gud for revision……dis is hw i passed lst yrs exam

  7. class crack doin dis in skool even if im rbbish at it

  8. Hiyaaa this website is really helpful!! Emm im makin this project now and its brilliant! 😀

  9. oh thiss is such a gd site 4 homework and revising!! 🙂

  10. =) helps a little

  11. We jus finished dis hook! it waz hard 2 to do but it waz fun!!

  12. dis waz hard but worth it!!!!

  13. we are gonna be making this with mr mclelland. i dont really wanan do it, it looks hard. :l

  14. Dis website is gd 4 revision i use it alot during my exams

  15. Hey this site is cool and great 4 ur exams

  16. Hello im making this at the moment and ive already done the ears and da head 😀 and it were simples 🙂

  17. this blog is good for revising

  18. i love doin this project

    and i’m the first one to leave a reply from 2012

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