Making the arms

There are a number of stages in the making of the arms and it is essential that you work accurately to enable this project to work properly

Stage 1: Marking Out:
There is a paper template which needs to be cut out and stuck onto the wood, it needs to be stuck as close to the top as possible. There is a dot on the wood where the pivot hole needs to be drilled, this hole is used as the starting point for measuring where the other holes need to be drilled. The line is marked to the top of the wood, a try square is used to give the 90 degree angle required.

Stage 2: Marking out:
In this stage a line is 8mm away on either side of the dot is measured and a line parallel is drawn, this line is squared on the top and marked in the centre. This will give the location of a 2 holes which need to be drilled to allow the string to be located as part of the mechanism.  The holes need to be drilled down 15 mm, this will be set using the depth stop in the drill.

Stage 3: Drilling:
In this section the drill is being used to drill the holes in the top of the arms. The wood is clamped into place and at this stage it is essential that the wood is vertical and not moving about, if the wood moves or the drill is off centre then the hole will not be in the correct. BE CAREFUL AND WORK ACCURATELY.  If the drill bit is not lined up where you have it marked out, then move the wood and not the clamp. If you are still not sure about the location of the holes, speak to the teacher and do not drill in the wrong position. If you drill in the wrong location then you will need to start again.

When the holes are drilled in the wood needs to be cut out and shaped.

Stage 4: Cutting and shaping:
The arms are cut out using a Hegner/scroll saw, this saw has a blade which moves up and down. The wood is moved about make sure you do not cut too much wood off the arms and that you keep your fingers will away from the blade.
If you cut the arms accurately than there is less wood to sand off to make both arms the same size.

Stage 5: Making the arms the same size:
When both the arms have been cut out they need to be made the same size.
The two pieces of wood are stuck together with double sided tape, the two holes drilled on the top are lined up as accurately as possible to ensure that they are made identical.

If the arms are cut out accurately then there should be little material to be removed, the removal of this material is either done one the sanding board or the linisher. Be very careful that you do not sand too much off the wood, it is very easy to do this as the wood is soft and the linisher moves fast and will remove the material quickly.

When the arms are cut out and both are made the same size they need to be painted one colour.
Do not try to mix the colours on the arms – keep them one colour only.


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