Mahon Road and Armagh Road junction

When pedestrians use the road there are rules which apply to them in-order to keep them safe. These rules are explained in a government document called the Highway Code. In this code there are specific rules for all types of road user including the pedestrian.

from Armaghfrom PortadownThis is a junction which has a lot of activity taking place. The cars coming from Armagh can go either straight on into Portadown and then onto the Brownstown Road, or they can turn right onto the Mahon road. The cars coming from Portadown can turn left onto the Mahon Road or go straight on heading for Armagh.

The traffic lights control the flow of traffic at this junction and allow the cars safe passage through the junction.

Pelican 1pelican 2In order to allow the pedestrians to cross at this junction there needs to be some way of stopping all the cars. This is done by the use of a Pelican crossing. When the pedestrian wants to cross at any one of the three crossing points they have to push a button at the lights, this button will set up a different sequence of lights and will turn all the traffic lights to red. When all the lights are at red there will also be a buzzer noise to indicate to blind people that it is safe to cross the road.

Our Mahon Road junctionpelican 3The pedestrians will see a red man on the traffic lights, this indicates that it is not safe to cross the road. When all the lights turn red then this man will turn to green indicating that it is safe to cross the road, when the green man starts to flash the pedestrian should not start to cross the road. A loud noise will sound at this stage to tell blind people that it is safe for them to cross.

ALWAYS make sure you LOOK as you cross the road and don’t expect drivers to always stop at red lights.


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