Creating the wire structure

To make the wire structure you need to use mild steel rod, 3mm in diameter. This comes with an oil covering on it to stop it rusting, this oil needs to be cleaned off with a cloth and the ends need to be filed round and some emery paper which is used to take any sharp edges off.

Creating the wire structure.

metalcraft 1metalcraft 2In order to make the wire structure attach to the plastic housing a number of bends needed to be created. The first bend needed to be in the shape of a U and this was done on the jig to the left. The metal rod was placed across the jig and the lever was pulled until the required shape was achieved. On the second bend a right angle was required and this was done in a similar way. The metal was placed in the same place as the first bend except it was pushed further over and the lever was only pulled around until it reached the mark on the jig.

scroll-formers-image2.jpgscroll-formers-drawing.gifIn all designs these are the first two bends that are needed, after that the design of the structure is up to the individual person. One method which was suggested was to make a loop, this was done on a different metal craft jig, this time it was scrolling jig.
On the opposite end to the bends the metal was placed into the jig and pulled round to follow the shape of the jig. If the bend was not tight enough a second part to the jig was attached and the curve was completed.

Once completed the wire structure was attached to the plastic housing by using nuts and bolts.


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  1. hihi technology exam da mara 😦 o dear! wel its al gdd bcze dis website helped…….thankz !! XXX
    does tis dite tel us anyting about vacuum forming?
    XX thankz 4 da help! XX
    wb! :0 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :0

  2. Just type in vacuum forming into the search box and you will get the information needed.

  3. This website is amazing!

    The Bomb like, it helped me so much for revision,

    Abbie Bell

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