Putting it together

On the top of the housing there are 6 holes drilled for the following:

  1. The LED
  2. The Push to make switch
  3. The wire structure
  4. The copper strip, which needs to be held when the game is in play,
  5. The paper fasteners to hold the top and botton together, and,
  6. Metal hook.

1: The LED
To put the LED into the top of the box you need a LED holder. The hole that was drilled should be slightly smaller than the holder, the hole is them reamed out to the correct size. The LED is pushed through the hold and will click into the holder, the holder and the LED are then pushed back into the hole. If you made the hole too large and the LED is loose then the glue gun needs to be used.

2: The Push to make switch
To put in the switch you first need to remove the nut and washers, the switch is then put into the hole, which has been drilled slightly smaller than needed. The reamer is used to make the hole larger and then the switch is put into the hole and the washer and nut are put on. This holds the switch in position. If the switch is too loose then the glus gun needs to be used. This is a last resort and should only be used if you make a mistake.

3: The wire structure

In this part there needs to be a piece of MDF located in the inside of the plastic housing, this is to give extra support for the metal frame.  The MDF is located in the project box and should be the correct size for the space.  A hole needs to be drilled int he centre to allow a bolt to go through and is used to secure the metal frame in place. If this MDF was not in place then the metal would break the plastic. Also through this hole there needs to be one of the spare wires. The wires is pushed through the hole and wrapped around the bolt and the wire frame.

On the top of the housing the metal frame has a ‘U’ shaped bend (see photograph).  The bolt is put through the ‘U’ bend and a washer and nut are secured into place, this will hold the wire frame steady.  Make sure that the metal dos not over balance the plastic base.

4: The copper strip
The copper strip needs to be located on the top in the middle. The tape is double sided and is stuck onto the plastic. The second spare wire from the circuit is put through the hole and is soldered onto the copper tape. Take care when soldering onto the copper tape and too much heat will melt the plastic.

When playing the game you need to keep your finger onto the tape at all times.

5: The paper fasteners
A punch is used to make the holes for the gold fasteners, this punch is put into the vice anf the plastic is places into position. The lever on the punch is pulled and the holes are produced. Two of these holes are needed one on opposits sides of the housing. It is essential that the metal hook is being held in one hand and your finger is on the copper tape, this will complete the circuit.
6: Metal hook
When the top and bottom the the housing are joined together two further holes need to be drilled. These holes are for the metal hook, which was created at an earlier stage. When putting the wire through the housing make sure that the two holes are in line with one another. If not the wire frame will be difficult to put in and could break the plastic.

The finishing touches

At the start of the game there needs to be a small piece of insulating tape put onto the wire. This will give the user a start point, if you wish you could put more tape around the wire frame to allow the used to hav a rest. At the end of the wire there is a plastic bead, this is the finishing point.


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