L.E.D. Light


In this project you will be using a number of techniques to complete all tasks:


Bending Plastic

In this section the plastic needs to be cleaned and polished using sandpaper, wet and dry and finally the polishing machine.

First Bend

The plastic will be placed onto the line bender for 3 minutes to heat up the location to be bent.  After this period of time the plastic is carefully removed and placed onto the jig and the handle is pushed towards the plastic to hold it into position to allow it to cool down and stay in the bent position.

Second Bend

Let the plastic cool down before starting the second bend. The procedure is the same as the first bend except you need to be careful putting the plastic into the bender.  There is no jig for this bend, you just bend it where it is hot and hold it in position until it cools (About 1 minute)

Polishing Plastic

Forming Plastic

Joining the sides

In order to complete this task you need to:

  1. Cut the piece of Norway Spruce into two triangles.  To do this use the Scroll Saw.
  2. Join the two pieces together with double sided tape.  Make sure that the two right angles are level with each other,
  3. Sand on the Linisher until the long side is level.  DO NOT SAND THE OTHER TWO SIDES.

The wood should then be fitted into the sides.

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